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Netanya 2024

Yesh Atid


Using the  white slip for your council vote -  vote Using the  white slip for your council vote -  vote  פה YESH ATID

The up and coming elections on February 27, will determine the  make up of the council and its impact on  all our futures in Netanya

Everyone thinks they know who will be elected mayor of Netanya,  but someone needs to control the way he or she will govern.  We will ensure that any mayor duly elected will run the council for the benefit of ALL Netanyas  residents

We have come to change things

We believe in democratic values, liberal values, equality, freedom of expression, law abiding governance, a Zionist heritage, unity , mutual responsibility, as the basic values of necessary for the running of our city, Netanya

We wlll not lend a hand or agree to the wheeling and dealing that hurts whole populations.  We will not hestitate to orchestrate and lead public struggles including petitioning the high court against all we perceive as being against the public interest.

Weve come to change things.

Vote Yesh Atid פה white card on 27th Feb.

Yesh Atid will allocate the cities large budget judiciously, reallocating to enable a liberal, vibrant city
Promote Netanya as an exciting leisure and cultural centre 7 days a week as used to be the case
Creating recreational and cultural opportunities for the city's youth. Busy youth stay out of trouble
Enhancing sports facilities which are way behind thos
e of comparable cities.
Redistributing the large education budget for the benefit of all pupils and minimise waste
Enhance the suburban bus route network including weekend routes to leisure facilities such as the beaches
Eמcourage business including hi tech to set up in ne

Vote Yesh Atid 

We’ve come to change because:


You deserve:

  • An open, liberal city with equal opportunities for all

  • Equal educational opportunities for our children

  • A plan to reduce the scandalously high arnona rates

  • A better environment for our youth, weekend activities, 

  • Affordable housing

  • A Netanya  at the forefront of advanced businesses

  • High quality of life, clean ,green, and environmentally conscious

  • Improved public transport, culture and welfare in the community

  • Social equality, womens empowerment, and an equitable and safe environment

Want to hear about our solutions :  scan QR code

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